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This week’s top stories about ladies summer wear

While the runway displays what is upcoming in trend, the roads display not only the hereafter but also what’s in fashion right now. So, if you’re considering keeping your closet up-to-date, the world’s top street style stars have the inspiration you require. From Paris to London, every fashion week from the month featured outstanding outfits and lust-worthy looks. Here, we’ve rounded up this week’s top stories about ladies’ summer wear from the season for you to add to your shopping list.

Bike Shorts with Blazers


At leisure is the tendency that keeps providing, and its newest offering is as unanticipated as it is stylish. The bike shorts were worn out with blazers by many style-savvy perceivers this fashion month. Offering a fresh blend of athletic clothes and tailoring, the look was both striking and stylish. Obviously, while it may not be suitable for either the office or the gym, but this outfit is the perfect fit for strutting the roads or attending Sunday brunch with your friends. So, don’t be hesitate to try it for yourself.

Oversized Victorian sleeves


The Victorian oversized shape makes the illusion of a leaner waist and includes an instant feminine touch to your outfit. Go for light colors during summer, or release your inner gothic princess in black or grey. It is also a great time to pull out your vintage puff sleeve looks – it’s a fashion that keeps coming back!

Animal Instincts


This season, road style stars let their animal instincts take over with intense and wild prints. In particular, Panther print was the most preferred amongst the fashionistas and emerge on a sort of garments, including bottoms, coats, dresses, and more. To go along with the lead of these chic ladies and release your own inner jungle cat, opt strong and striking patterns with bold and bright colors. On the other hand, consider an all-over panther print look with coordinating separates or a dress/jumpsuit. You can even include a Panther print bag or shoes if you’re desiring playful.

Lavender Tones


Ultra Violet may be the Pantone shade of the Year for 2019, but road style stars favored a softer take on the fashion this season. Rocking a category of colors from the lavender family, fashionistas have manifested that light purple is seriously stylish. Either worn in the form of shoes, dresses, jackets or even head-to-toe outfits, the flattering color involved a beautiful touch to looks. Try it for yourself if you’re after something subtle yet exciting.

Collared Tartan


Panther wasn’t the only well-known print for the summer. Tartan also emerges on the roads of New York, London, and Paris. Obviously, in true fashion week style, the oriental print wasn’t worn wisely. It was wearing all over in eye-catching colors by the fashion pack. Want to attempt the look for yourself? Select a tartan suit, dress, coat, or pair of jeans that includes the classic example is unique and bold colors, for example, red, blue, green, black, and yellow.