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Red Carpet Fashion Awards

Red Carpet Fashion Awards 


This is the feeling you would have got by visualizing yourself on the red carpet fashion awards.

Isn’t it?

Unexpectedly almost every person (i.e. those have interest in fashion) would have wished for being there.

After all, everyone wants to be in limelight. Correct?

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Now Let’s focus on the cinema world,

Hollywood has its own significance in the world. As a matter of fact people having interest in the industry always keep an eye on each and every event.

If you belong to same category, I am confident enough that you are very much familiar with the events like Oscar Red Carpet and Golden Globes Red Carpet.

After all red carpet is the area where all celebrity and their stylist are recognized by showcasing their unique attire.

At this time I have very good idea about Red Carpet. But I found it hard to differ between Oscar and Golden Globes in my initial days of search (i.e. especially when I realized my interest towards fashion).

In addition to this I searched a lot about Oscar and Golden Globes Awards to bifurcate but unable to find the best source.

If you are reading this line, it means you have the same interest as of mine in fashion.


Especially this article is more focused to share the information and I ensured to provide you more refined, crisp and the best information on Oscar and Golden Globes.

Compared to other resources online, you will be equipped with knowledge by the time you will come to the end of this article.

Come Let’s have a look on Oscar Red Carpet first,


Oscar Red Carpet 

Particularly this is known as Academy Awards because it is managed and organized by Academy Of Motion Picture Arts and Sciences (AMPAS).

The First Award Ceremony:

Earlier in 1929, the first award ceremony for Oscar held. Besides total of 15 statuettes were awarded.

Category for Awards:

Oscar Awards are specific to cinema only and there are a minimum of 6000 industry professionals who do the final nomination and selection.

Presently there are 24 categories (i.e. all from the cinema only) to award the winners.

Red Carpet:

Without a doubt, Oscar Red Carpet is the everyone’s eyesight and hence filmmakers, actors, actresses and other entities come up with new and a versatile look to be in limelight of camera and news.

The red carpet area is not only to showcase unique attire but also is the inspiration for dress designers.

Basically the person on the red carpet area (i.e. celebrities and other famous personalities) is recognized by his/her unique identity.

This is the platform where celebrities showcase their fashion (i.e. dresses, hair style, wardrobe etc.).

Just look at the above picture, the cost of Cate’s dress costing $2,00,000. phew!

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Golden Globes Red Carpet 

The Golden Globes Award covers film and television industries all together compared to Oscar Award. Moreover it recognizes and awards excellence in film and television from the U.S. as well as other countries.

The First Award Ceremony:

Earlier in 1944, the first award ceremony for Golden Globe held and best film and television received the award.

Category for Awards:

As I have said that Golden Globes Awards are not only specific to cinema but also recognizes best television shows all over the world.  Presently there are 25 categories (i.e. 14 in motion pictures and 11 in television).

There are a group of 93 members who nominate and choose the winner for different categories. They all are part of HFPA (i.e. Hollywood Foreign Press Association).

 Red Carpet:

Though, Golden Globes Red Carpet is considered on the second position as compared to Oscar yet it is broader area to recognize excellence in film and television.

As a matter of fact the importance of red carpet will always be significant. After all people perceive it as a platform of separate identity and this is what makes it special.



Both of the awards have its own significance in the society altogether and so has the red carpet area. No matter which award ceremony it is, the red carpet area will always be an inspiration to the designers, artists and people like you and me.

Celebrities will come up with their new unique attire to be in limelight and we will be updated and inspired by our favorite actor or actresses.


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