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Item Worn Every Day for a Week

Sometimes in life, it is a good idea to learn about decision fatigue and its symptoms. A simple task for this is to wear the same outfit every single day for a week and check if it gives you mental clarity or not. You can try this easy experiment without fear, as it will also increase the lifespan of your clothes as they will need to be washed less than usual.

How to Start?

You can begin the experiment on Day 1 with a crisp shirt, preferably one of a dark color since it will be easier to keep clean. If you don’t have a shirt that can last you a week and still look amazing, you can check out forharcloset for the best prices on clothing in Canada.

Why You Should Do It

The process of automating your wardrobe is one that comes with inspiration from tech CEOs like Mark Zuckerberg, Steve Jobs, and more. To preserve your brain space for important decisions at work or in your business, you can eliminate the basic decisions such as what you should wear every day. It is based on the research that shows that a person’s decisions start to deteriorate in quality after multiple decisions have already been made. So, while you cannot control the big decisions in life and eliminate them, you can do it to small decisions.


Potential Obstacles

If you are able to stay away from spills, dust, and other mishaps during the week, the shirt should last you throughout the time period. Moreover, it will also be something that you can pair up with various other outfits and make amazing combinations that look fabulous. If you are afraid of being judged for wearing the same shirt for a week, don’t worry too much about it since most people will not notice it at all.

To conclude, you can try out this fashion experiment and relieve yourself of the burden you feel while making heavy decisions at work, business, or even in your relationships since it will leave you with a ton of reserve in your decision-making power.