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How to organize your wardrobe with quick closet organization ideas?

Why didn’t I consider more space in my closet wardrobe at the time of purchase?

Probably you might have encountered the same question in your mind. Correct!

Well it is the obvious question that comes to our mind when the clothes are scattered within the wardrobe. Generally it’s not about getting more space else how you are organizing the clothes within (As per season and size of the clothes)

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Initially you will feel that you are about to move a big rock but believe me after following some quick closet organization ideas, the rock will seem like a cotton. Yes this is true, each day you can feel the pleasant feeling after opening your wardrobe. If you go through this entire piece of content, you would be able to manage your entire closet in an easy way.

Let’s have a look on the ideas that can change rock into cotton!

Types of Clothes (i.e hanging one or folded one) 

Firstly start separating the clothes that you can hung easily and clothes that can be folded. Generally you would be having clothes like shirts, skirts, pants, Jackets, formal dress, pajamas etc. Bifurcate the clothes based on the mentioned parameters (i.e. whether can be hanged or folded).

Arranging Clothes based on color and size 

Once you have separated your clothes based on its best attribute (i.e. To be hung or to fold), hung the clothes based on color first. Ideally you should put light color in front because it gives pleasant feeling to eyes followed by dark one.

Once series of color is decided, start rearranging the clothes of small sizes (i.e. in front side) and clothes of big sizes (i.e. in back side).

Utilizing the Hidden Space in Wardrobe 

Do you remember that you have separated the clothes that you can fold? Now is the time to fold them below the area where clothes are hung. This is one of the smart moves that you can choose that utilizes the space to the maximum.

Smartly using spaces on racks and in drawers 

I consider this as one of the best closet organization ideas for small objects i.e. that can be folded (like sweater, lingerie), shoes and jewelry. You can place all these items on the rack. Drawers could be used specifically for shocks, scarves and bras. Keep changing the place of objects (i.e. different colors of shocks, scarves and bras) so that you can try out different object each day.

Consider Purchasing Additional Tools in Wardrobe 

It is likely that you want some clothes to be wrinkle free (i.e. especially in case of shirts, pants and trousers).


You can get your clothes wrinkle free if you fix some hook on the door of the wardrobe. It will not only give you extra space but also keep your clothes wrinkle free. Along with this, you can use some big sized boxes to store your foldable clothes.

Making a Separate Bundle of Unwanted Clothes

It’s time to make your bed a war zone. Don’t worry! You are not going to fight with anyone but with your unwanted clothes only. Lay your clothes on the bed and put the clothes aside that you don’t want to wear. Once done, make a stack and remove from your room or donate it to some needy person.

The biggest challenges in organizing the wardrobe are the space and the types of clothes. The best way to make wardrobe neat and organized is to separate the clothes that you can fold and hung. Think smartly and utilize the hidden space by putting clothes that is folded. Don’t hesitate to use additional tools to make your clothes wrinkle free. Ease your effort for the next time when you will arrange the wardrobe by removing unwanted clothes.

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