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How to Dress Like Cobie Smulders on a Budget

Probably one of the most famous of all Canada’s sweethearts is Cobie Smulders. Her role in the hit series How I Met Your Mother as Robin Scherbatsky is what got her fame. In her performance as this character, Cobie reinvents herself from time to time which has helped her with her rise to fame. The basic phenomenon of it is that she took on many avatars within the show and used different clothes to aid her through this journey. Let’s take a look at some of the popular examples:

Robin Scherbatsky

As Robin, Cobie doesn’t take things too far. Her outfits are mostly just combinations of everyday clothes that you’re likely to find in your closet. You can also check out forharcloset for new clothes that you feel would add the perfect contrast here. They offer the best dresses for women in Canada and that too online. You can combine various colors, and even wear plain solid sweaters. Each of these outfits looked fabulous on Cobie in the show and they will look fabulous on you too.

Office Wear

Robin is a working woman and loves to take her sense of style to the office. She wears a cute silk top with a black skirt. This is an excellent example of the kind of combinations you can try out since Robin Scherbatsky isn’t too flashy, yet stylish at the same time. You can choose to be conservative or outgoing in your fashion sense, and yet find the best dresses online Canada to help you look like Cobie Smulders.


Jewelry has been a major accessory to Cobie when acting as Robin. While her style changed quite a bit throughout the show, her accessorizing has been a constant. For example, she has large loop earrings that look fabulous with all her dresses. You can try fashion shopping Canada and find some amazing deals online for accessorizing like Robin.

Now you know just how to dress like Cobie Smulders, so get your wardrobe ready and take on the world like Robin Scherbatsky.