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Fashion After Lockdown-The Future of the Fashion Industry

What covid-19 can teach us about fashion life & style after lockdown? 

Yes, this is the obvious question for fashion industry since the monster (covid-19) walked in. It swallowed many industries all around the world.

How fashion industry could be untouched?

It has a deep impact on the life & style of people around the globe.

The situation for us is like a “bird in the golden cage”, that gets the best care and food to live but can’t go out.

But, do you know?

Why humans are at the top amongst all species because they have the best ability to think.

Yes, this is true and so the reason when no one was allowed to go out, digital world enters into the situation and transformed the world way beyond we can think.

Internet played the vital role during covid and helped many businesses to sustain in this tough situation.

Even the evolution helped me grow my business Forharcloset (an online stop for women’s clothing) online.

The way of living has been transformed from outside world to home. People avoid going out and all the meetings are going online. The demand for clothes shifted from offline to online platform.

E-commerce business model has grown way beyond we were thinking. It is the situation where sustaining clothing business is a challenge.

The time not only impacted industries but also the psychology of people (being at home). The clothes we wear reflect our personality & create a perception for us in other’s mind.

At the end of this piece of information, you will be able to understand the scope of the industry and new fashion trends once the lockdown is completely over.


Let’s start with...


Alert Mode for Fashion Industry around the World: 

First I will talk from industry point of view,

The biggest challenge was the supply chain and surplus of unsold clothes before companies.

Many outlets rely on production partners for their stocks.

You would be agreeing that no other than Europe is the region all over the world that is pioneered in fashion designing and production.

The pandemic spoiled everyone’s life. It was the first time when animals and other creatures were enjoying their life to the fullest except us humans.

In a situation of lockdown, there was no production. Or if there was production, the problem was to ship it to the stores (everything was shut down).

Companies failed to deliver the products and left with huge surplus of unsold items.

You would question how companies entered in the scenario of surplus unsold items?

Well, this is the obvious question and probably you would find your answer in below section...

Yes, you got it right!


Change in Psyche & New Fashion Life & Style: 

Social Distancing!

Yes, this world has impacted the fashion industry to the extreme level. Schools, offices, social gathering everything chose the digital medium.

We did not know that these two worlds would decide our clothing style and outfits.

Everything has changed.

What we used to dress or want to dress has been shifted to comfort and ease.

The reason is work from home.

No more fancy dresses!

No more party wear!

Choices for clothes shifted from many to a few.

This has changed the game for fashion industry too. Whatever they planned for year 2019 or 2020, is gone into vain.

It is well said “In Every Crisis Lies an Opportunity”.

Although the situation is bad but it had given a very clear idea to deal with inventory and supply chain to players in the market.


Let’s have a look on our fashion life & style...


Need of the Hour & Desire after Covid-19:

As we already overviewed that Covid-19 compelled to stay at home and this shifted our dressing sense that we used to carry.

People are little comfortable attending live meeting & seminars because they need not to follow the proper dress code.

In most of the cases people were found in formal till upper part of the body while they were in casual wear in the bottom at the time of attending the meeting.


Yes this is true!

This is the need of the hour. The choice of looking fancy is shifted to comfort and ease. This increases the demand for comfortable outfits.

You can also explore Forharcloset that offers you a huge collection of comfortable outfits.


Inner Desire: 

Is this all (Comfort & Ease) that we want?

If you ask yourself, the answer will be no.

So what exactly our mind demands for?

The answer is desire.

Yes if you honestly ask yourself whether you are happy being locked at home, the answer will be a big NO.

Am I right?

Our mind and soul are not designed to be idle else it wants to explore the world and most importantly it wants to come back to normal life where we used to try, explore and enjoy the life & style with new things.

People put on weight during lock down so the demand for plus size clothes are increased.

Some are more concerned about their health so the demand for outfits for exercise will increase.

The desire is endless and we can only pray for the best time to come when the world will be Covid free.



The entry of Covid-19 entirely shook the world. It not only impacted the lives but also put a big dent to the world.

Fashion industry experienced a huge loss but it is recovering and adapting fast with new situation. Players in the industry are more focused on on-demand delivery rather than pre orders.

They are more focused to sustain and deliver quality product in the market.

Customers adapt themselves with work from home format. The situation gave them surplus weight and fat. This increases the demand for plus size clothes that are comfortable.

But still have desire to explore the world. So the inner desire is like a ‘dormant volcano’ that is not erupting but is likely to erupt.

Comparing the same situation for fashion, once things will be normal the inner desire will explode to explore the world with unique desire of life & style.


The biggest strength of us humans is that we never give hope and with this hope soon the things will be normal.


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