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Dress to kill Canadian fashion magazine!

Congratulations! You Are On The Cover Page of Dress To Kill Canadian Fashion Magazine.

Just feel the moment for a fraction of time! How is the feeling? Amazing, isn’t it?

Ask yourself whether you have the desire to be on the top page of Dress to Kill Canadian Fashion Magazine or not? I know probably the answer will be YES!


Why not?

This industry is so lucrative that everyone wants to be in limelight and to earn name and fame in the world.

The starting of the fashion magazine evolved the new era of presenting a woman in public. Probably for the reason, you should expect the same answer from other ladies while putting the same question before them.

This fashion industry kept changing itself since decades and now the fashion magazines are the centre point of attraction for fashion lovers.

The fashion magazines help people find what the latest trend is in fashion.

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The next question would be roaming around your head would be how? Correct?

This industry looks impossible for ordinary people but still you can be recognized like a celebrity in your own circle.

If you can’t come on the cover page of magazine don’t worry! Still you can look like a celebrity if you follow the 03 step process explained in this piece of content till end. 

Let’s have a look on the process to look like a celebrity...


Selecting The Look a Like Dress Featured in Dress To Kill Magazine :

Select the type of dress (i.e. like tops, hoodie, T-Shirts). If you don’t find the dress, you can customize it as per your size and requirement at Forharcloset. It’s a better idea to choose at least two different styles of dresses so that you can easily find the dress of your choice. After getting the trial, finalize the one you want to showcase in the society.

Here is some sort of dresses you would like to try on different occasion:


Navy Blue Cold Shoulder Midi Dress:

You may find this dress fit for attending parties. It’s trendy, lightweight, and comfortable. If you are lean and fit, this dress can give a killer look to your fashion.

Printed Hoodies In Canada

You can try this dress out at normal gathering. It adds an edge to your fashion. It is funky, unique and suitable for showing up your sporty look.

Haltered Neck Long Dress Sleeveless Salmon: 

If you are thinking of attending a marriage, you should check this haltered neck long dress. This will be a perfect match of style with the occasion.

Ruffled Hem Bodycon Midi Dress:

Adding a clutch with this ruffled hem bodycon midi dress can make your style like a celebrity. You could be everyone’s centre point of attraction.

Cold Shoulder Crop Top:

If you are out for shopping with your friends or relatives, you should try out this cold shoulder crop top. This is trendy, light coloured and good for the hangout.

Printed T-Shirts:

You can show your casual look in your surroundings by trying out printed T-shirts. This is fit for daily fashion. Printed T-shirts always catches the attention so you can try out the one that matches to your style.



It’s Time for Makeup: 

Obviously, the secret weapon of women’s beauty starts with makeup, am I right? Haha!

Yes, I can see you are smiling! I am sure you would be agreeing with me to the extent. Right! Okay, now is the time to open up your wardrobe to put out the colours (i.e. concealer, highlighter, lipstick etc.) to paint on the natural canvass (i.e. your face) to give it a beautiful touch just like celebrities in Dress to Kill Canadian Fashion Magazine. Follow the steps to start with...


Cleanse Your Face:

Excess oil and dirt on you face can spoil your makeup. So make sure before applying any makeup, you use a mild cleanser and wash your face with warm water. There is a hack using towel! Pat your face with towel after washing your face.

Moisturizing Your Face: 

Use the moisturizer that suits your skin to restore the natural oil and to remove dryness of the skin. I would recommend using oil free moisturizer.

Applying Primer to Your Face: 

One of the benefits of using primer is that it makes your make up last long. You need not to apply the makeup again and again.

Applying Foundation: 

Apply foundation with a foam sponge once the primer is dried up. I would recommend you to select the foundation that matches your skin colour.

Using Concealer for Dark Circle: 

I would recommend you to try the matching colour of concealer to your skin. Use small dot of concealer and use your middle finger to apply it gently in the dark area.

Applying Powder with Your Makeup: 

It will also help you to make your makeup stay for long hours and keep your face less oily. Use a powder brush and dip it into the box of powder then apply it gently on your face.

 Give the Final Touch to Your Fashion with Hairstyle: 

This process has the same importance as the dresses and makeup has. The important factor that you should consider is to match your hairstyle with your dress. For example if you want to try a western dress, try open hair style with curly hair. You can figure out the matching hairstyle with dresses at Forharcloset.


Fashion Magazines are representation of new avatar of a woman or man to the public. Almost every woman wants name, fame and recognition. If you ask any woman about coming to the cover page of the magazine, her reply would be yes in most of the cases.

It is the hard truth that only 01-02% of women make it to cover the front page of Dress To Kill Canadian Fashion Magazine. But selecting the dress of your choice, maintaining your look and hairstyle can make you famous in your surroundings. You can follow the fashion trend simply by visiting Forharcloset online store.

I hope you got what I promised you in the beginning of this blog.

Please share your views in comment section about the blog.

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